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Game News

Who are we?
Vagabonds. Wanderers. Nomads. 

Fixers and fighters for hire. Crafters, fighters, merchants. From all walks of life, from all trades, comes our group, those with no home in the wastes. The caravan is our home, our comrades are our shelter. We go where we are needed and where we want to go, we find purpose where it may be found.

We are an answer to your problems, arriving along the road. 
We are the lights moving across the plain at night. We are Zero Locus. 

What does the clan focus on? 
We are first and foremost a roleplaying clan, but we do crafting, PvE and PvP. We prioritize teamwork, fun and strong clan spirit above everything else. We hold regular casual RP and plan larger events for the whole community. 

Can I join?
Zero Locus welcome all who wish to travel with us and have an interest in roleplay. Contact a clan member in-game or in our thread on the official Fallen Earth forums for an interview.  

Guild News

Clan is live!

Dion Zemoch, Jun 11, 10 6:21 PM.
Zero Locus is now officially created! Good job pulling the weight on this one, guys! 

Site is up!

Dion Zemoch, Jun 8, 10 9:25 PM.
Alright, the site is up and running with all the basic functions! Check it out and deliver feedback!

//Webmaster Dion
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